How appropriate mix of rain boots ?

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And rainy season , rain dripping , do not want early to set a good appointment canceled , barely out has led to wet shoes , awkward and embarrassed , suddenly not in the mood , then Xiao Bian strongly recommend you must have the best rainy season : boots ! Not only embarrassing moment eliminate wet feet , but also with a tidal flavor of style, who says it can not easily cool rainy day walking down the street !
With Tips: black T- shirt + blue + white tights jacket shirt + black boots
Recommended experience: a black T -shirt and white pants and black boots echoing simple , handsome, blue shirt tucked into pants jacket enhanced sense of style , cool handsome full.
With Tips: Tiger head sleeveless white T-shirt + jeans + boots blue
Recommended experience: Tiger head sleeveless white T -shirt with denim shorts neat, a pair of blue boots more stylish and handsome , the influx of women fashion favorite !
With Tips: black blouse + white + black vest skirt + black boots
Recommended experience: black vest, white skirt mediocre ride exposed , with black smock effect is completely different, mysterious black abnormality attract , mm blouse while also pulling undertaken Luxiang Jian , I have to be careful to say this machine is really good, oh .