Buy boots matters must be noted

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Size: Most people are buying a pair of shoes is fit, but rain boots and shoes are generally not the same as in the relatively cool inside boots, we recommended to buy a larger size, so you can add a layer of insoles inside, so wear It would be more comfortable, when the cold weather can also change a velvet cushion, so you will not be too cold in winter.
Stature: Today's rain boots made boots look, so how to choose their own type of leg boots becomes very important. Recommends more rounded leg friends, you can choose some smart boots; if tall users can choose Gaotong, the selection of medium build cylinder models will be more appropriate.
Price: market price to buy boots uneven, high-low tens of dollars first thousand. But Xiao Bian recommended to buy boots do not need big expensive choice, you can choose the price of rubber boots between100--200 , so we ensure the quality, but also more comfortable to wear.
Function: The biggest feature is the waterproof non-slip boots, so we must not be ignored in the purchase is the primary function, if you do not have this particular feature, and then fashion also lost his role.